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Mobile Tyre Shop Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing is an essential step when putting new tyres on your vehicle. Wheels that aren’t balanced cause vibrations that can produce premature wear in your tyres, suspension and steering, so you should always ensure your wheels are balanced when new tyres are fitted.

The process involves using a computerised wheel balancing machine to calculate the exact weight and location for the counter-weights which are placed on each wheel.

Correctly balanced wheels will give you a smoother ride and better wear from your tyres, which is why computerised wheel balancing is included in the price with every new tyre from Mobile Tyre Shop.

Why buy your tyres from us?

While wheel balancing is standard practice with most tyre fitters, our all-inclusive tyre price gives you even more value! It includes fitting, balancing, new weights, new valves, and free recycling of your old tyres as well. But best of all, it includes onsite service, which means we come to you and fit your tyres anywhere in Melbourne.

Mobile Tyre Shop started back in 2012 and because Melbourne drivers appreciate the convenience and quality of the service we provide, we’ve grown exponentially ever since. Our fleet of mobile fitters now covers all of Melbourne, from Ravenshall to Surrey Hills, Brighton to Strathmore, and we can fit your new tyres anywhere from your driveway to your office car park. We can even do wheel alignments, as long as there’s enough room around your vehicle to open all four doors.

Tyres that come to you in 3 easy steps

If you need new tyres and you like the idea of having them delivered, fitted and balanced, then simply fill out our free quote form online entering as many details about your car or tyres that you know. We will then provide our expert recommendations on what tyre is best for your vehicle and a full quote. We have all the leading brands, from Bridgestone, Dunlop and Goodyear to Pirelli, Continental and Yokohama, and all are available at highly competitive, all-inclusive prices.

Once you’ve booked an appointment sit down and put your feet up, because we’ll take it from here! An expert fitter will arrive at the appointed time and place, and will get the job done fast. So for mobile tyres to go, call us now at Mobile Tyre Shop. We’ll make sure your new tyres are perfectly balanced to hit the road.

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