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Only a few years after it was founded in 1889, Michelin developed the first detachable bicycle tyre and then in 1898 the famous Michelin Man was born. A year later an electric car reached 100 km/h on a set of specifically designed Michelin tyres.

1900 saw the introduction of the now-famous Michelin guide, synonymous with fine dining around the world. Not long after this in 1906 Michelin opened its first plant outside of France in Turin, Italy the following year they opened a plant in New Jersey USA.

Over the next few decades, Michelin produced road maps, tourist guides, aeroplanes for WW1, the first paved runway and commissioned a national survey that lead to the creation of the Citroen 2 CV passenger car. Michelin actually held a controlling interest in Citroen until 1975.

In the intervening years invented the first steel casing tyre for trucks and the revolutionary “Radial” tyre then expand their test centres around the globe to South Carolina, USA, Almeria, Spain and Ota, Japan followed by Thailand, China, South America and India.

Michelin has had a long relationship with motorsport starting in 1973 with the newly created World Rally Championship (WRC) followed by Formula 1 in 1979, Moto GP in 1983 and Formula E in 2014.

Michelin continues to innovate and grow making them one of the top tyre manufacturers in the world today.