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Tyre sales

At Mobile Tyre Shop, everything we do is designed to help you stay mobile, too. From our comprehensive online store to our full Australia-based customer service team on-call 7 days a week, you’ll be able to find the best deal on tyres and schedule a fitting in a matter of minutes!

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Onsite fitting

Mobile Tyre Shop have taken the hassle out of getting your tyres changed by bringing the tyre shop to you. Our vans are equipped with the latest tyre-fitting technology and our professional tyre technicians are expertly trained.

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Puncture repair

Mobile tyre shop sells all the best brands at the best prices. However, if your existing tyres are in good nick, but have unfortunately been spiked or punctured, then we’re happy to fix them for you, too. Permanent and professional, our puncture repair complies with all Australian safety standards and is fully guaranteed.

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Australian authorities recommend rotating your tyres every 15,000kms; the average distance each of us drives every year. So naturally Mobile Tyre Shop offer this valuable service in a mobile and hassle-free format.

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Wheels that aren’t balanced cause vibrations that can produce premature wear in your tyres, suspension and steering, so Mobile Tyre shop naturally provides wheel balancing free of charge when we fit your tyres at home, work or anywhere.

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New valves

Small and often overlooked, valves can deteriorate over time and affect the performance of your tyres and your car. At Mobile Tyre Shop, we replace your valves every time we fit new tyres to your vehicle.

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With the latest digital tyre scanning technology, Mobile Tyre Shop’s tyre technicians can assess the safety of tyres on anything from a family car to a fleet of vehicles in no time.

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Disposal & recycling

At Mobile Tyre Shop we recognise the role tyres can and do play in our environment. So when we fit your new tyres, we promise to take your old ones away and recycle them - for free. We are proud members of Tyre Stewardship Australia.

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