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205/55 R16

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While others are setting sustainability goals, we’re delivering

At Mobile Tyre Shop we are aware of the role tyres can and do play in our environment. As a tyre retailer, we have taken our responsibility as seriously as possible and fully committed to the principles and objectives of Tyre Stewardship Australia.The sustainability program is supported by a number of state governments and plays an active role in “reducing the volume of end of life tyres currently being disposed of in a manner which is damaging to the environment i.e. via landfill, illegal dumping or undesirable export.”

The outcome is to increase the recycling rate through the promotion of economic uses of the resulting recycled feed-stock of such tyres. The immediate aim of TSA’s Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme is to increase Australia’s tyre recycling rate to 50 per cent over five years. Already, Mobile tyre shop recycles 100% of the tyres we replace and proudly provides this additional service for our customers absolutely free.

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